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Greetings from the President


It is my pleasure to serve as the President of the Association of Social and Behavioral Scientists and to welcome you to the Association’s 84th  annual meeting in 2019 in Fayetteville, North Carolina. 

I invite you to join the organization and participate on an annual basis not just for the year to make presentations.  The Board of Directors and committees that service the organization in its planning encourage you to support session presentations and student research activities to gain the professional power offered.  Continuous membership provides opportunity for professional growth as well as develop appreciation for academic diversity. The 84 year old organization has withstood the time because of committed membership. As the organization strive to become competitive in the 21st century increasing membership and participation, developing and encouraging students to engage in life-long learning, and generosity with time and resources is very important.   

Again, welcome all and thanks to every program participant and organizers.  The ultimate success of the program depends upon participants and the considerable labor of the officers and staff.


Have a Wonderful Conference!


Delores Butler, MSW, LAPSW

2018-2019 President, ASBS





Delores Butler
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